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Traductora Pública Independiente

  • REALIZAMOS:  Traducciones públicas (oficiales o certificadas) y comunes de todo tipo de textos. Más....

    Traducciones de textos legales, comerciales y financieros

    La satisfacción del cliente

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Freelance Certified Translator

  • WE DELIVER: Certified and regular translations of any text. More...

  • OUR EXPERTISE:  Legal, business and financial translations

  • OUR GOAL:  Client satisfaction
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Machine translations can only go so far…
Babylon Ltd., the leading company in the field of online dictionaries, campaigns for the advancement of professional human translators worldwide. It is the company’s point of view that translations performed by machines cannot be as reliable and accurate as those done by a qualified human translator.
Babylon partners with the world’s greatest names in dictionary publication: the Oxford Dictionary, the Webster Dictionary, Britannica Encyclopedia, Langenscheidt, and many others

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